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Tune-Up Prices and Descriptions
Basic Tune-Up $45.00
The Basic Tune is for when your whole bike needs a little attention. We call this a basic adjustment tune.
Service includes:

  1. Brake adjustment
  2. Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  3. Spot wheel true
  4. Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailleurs
  5. Security check for all accessories, i.e. water bottle cages, light, computer, etc.


Deluxe Tune-Up $70.00, (TWO FREE within first year of a new bike purchase)
The Deluxe Tune is for when your drive-train is in need of extra attention. It allows for the installation of any drive-train part for FREE.
Service includes:

  1. Solvent clean chain
  2. Detail clean both derailleurs
  3. Detail clean cranks
  4. Correct torque specification for bottom bracket
  5. Correct torque specification for cranks
  6. Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  7. Lube cable and housing for derailleurs

Expert Road Tune-Up $120.00
This is a performance tune up designed for Road bikes and Triathlon/TT bikes.  It includes everything in the Deluxe Tune along with the labor to install all new cables and housing and handlebar tape. We suggest doing this at least once a year to keep your machine in top racing condition.

Services, beyond the Basic Tune includes:

  1. Complete wheel true
  2. Headset adjustment
  3. Bottom bracket adjustment
  4. Torque crank bolts
  5. Correct torque specification for cranks
  6. Bike wipe down

Common Labor Prices

Bottom Bracket / Crankset $30.00
Headset $30.00
Shifters / Derailleurs $30.00
Trueing / Dishing Wheel (ea.) $20.00
Bleeding Disc Brakes (ea.) $30.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment $30.00
Stan’s NoTube Intallation (ea.) $10.00
Build Boxed Bike (eBay,Internet,Dept Store) $100.00
Pack Bike (NOT Including Shipping) $40.00


All other work performed at a $60 per/Hr. Rate

Park Tools

Bike Fit with Rich Paul - Trek Fit Services Certified Fitter

Get fit on a road or a triathlon bike by Rich Paul, and improve your ride comfort, power output, and aerodynamics..  It usually takes one hour for a complete fit and a bio-mechanical analysis. All you need to bring is your bike, your cycling shoes, and your bike shorts. For more info contact us, email, or call at 775.827.3277.


eBay Sales

Velo Reno can help you sell your equipment on eBay.

With our 100% positive feedback we guarantee a fast, hassle free, and a favorable sale of your equipment. We'll accept any items for sale, take photos, discuss and recommend reserve price(s) with you, and post it on eBay within 48 hours of your request.

Sell any item(s) through Velo Reno for a 20% commission or a $50 fee, whichever is larger.

If you have any questions please contact us via email, or call 775.827.3277